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Digitalize your assets by tokenizing them in the the TESORA App and watch them grow.

TESORA is an App where you can tokenize, manage and trade your assets.

We strongly believe in the future of digitalization brought by NFTs.
The past has shown that luxury watches sell up to 17% higher in combination with a complete set of papers. Similar can be seen in the car industry. A car without a checkbook is worth up to 5% less, Oldtimer up to 30%! Would you buy a used car without a clear history?

Why you should tokenize.


Potential customers will always priorize assets with a clean history.

Faster Sales

Assets with proven documentation sell up to 13% faster.

Increased Value

Documented assets achieve higher sales than assets without a history.

What are you waiting for? Start tokenizing! .. oh right - it's us.